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Soap Stones by PELLE: Seconds

$3.50 / On Sale

Soap Stone Seconds are soaps didn't quite make the 1st cut: they may be slightly underweight or the color may be just a bit off, but they are still made of the same high quality glycerin soap as our regular Soap Stones. Sometimes, they will come irregularly shaped but who doesn't love that?

Each soap second comes individually wrapped in a clear plastic bag.

**Please note that the seconds do not receive the same packaging as regular Soap Stones and will not include a paper band.**

The Soap Stones are handcrafted glycerin soap intended for both use and display. Consisting of all natural, vegetable-based soap ingredients, the Soap Stones are made and hand cut in our Brooklyn studio.

Drawing from a material palette inspired by naturally occurring gemstones such as Rose Quartz and Aquamarine and metamorphic rock such as Jade and Onyx, our soaps combine these brilliant colors with the potent effects of essential oils such as Eucalyptus and Camphor. The full collection of Soap Stones range between 3 sizes and 7 color/scent combinations.

Create an exquisite display of colorful soaps on a sill, shelf or mantle – or place them by the sink for your guests as a delightful surprise!

Made in Brooklyn NY USA